A History of Public Service

"I am from a family of working class public servants. My maternal grandfather, Wilfred Pelletier, served in the New Hampshire State Legislature; my mother, Paulette, was PTA President; both my paternal grandfather and my brother served in the Marine Corps.  Growing up, my siblings and I were all taught to "do what you can for whom you can, when you can."
I attended public schools until 9th grade, when I earned a scholarship to attend Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH.  I then worked my way through the University of New Hampshire, earning a BA in Environmental & Resource Economics.  In 1999 I moved to Orange County to pursue my PhD in Political Science, with a focus on public policy at UC, Irvine.  I worked in several local nonprofit organizations serving children and families.  In 2007, I founded my company, Ersoylu Consulting, dedicated to planning, policy and impact for social service organizations.  
At my firm, in addition to helping hundreds of nonprofit organizations and foundations make a measurable impact, I am experienced in business operations and, "signing the front of the checks".  I promise to be as diligent and thoughtful about every penny of the taxpayer money as I am with my own business' funds. 
I am ready to get to work for you. We need a public education system that works for all children. With nearly 20 years in the social services sector, I know what it takes to build consensus and get things done."

Safe Schools

Ensure our campuses are safe and student physical & mental wellness is a priority.


Maintain a balanced budget and provide a transparent process to share data and outcomes. 

Quality Education

Prepare our diverse students for the future while offering courses and programs to support them. 

Parent Engagement

Ensure communication is clear, relevant, and timely. Increase parent involvement.


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